We need 14,000 registered voters from Massachusetts to sign the official initiative papers to get Ranked Choice Voting on the ballot!

We have a historic chance to strengthen our democracy and expand our choices at the ballot box through Ranked Choice Voting -- now, we need your help. COVID-19 prevents us from collecting signatures in person, but signing electronically is quick, easy, and just as effective as signing on paper.  Please take one minute to complete this form and help put Ranked Choice Voting on the ballot! 

After filling out this form, you will be redirected to sign the official petition. You must be a registered voter in Massachusetts to sign this petition. 

To learn more about Ranked Choice Voting, please click here.

Please Note: You are being asked to provide your name, your address and your city or town for the purpose of facilitating your ability to sign the petition to put Ranked Choice Voting on the November ballot.  We will not use your information for any other purpose.